Can a private person also register themselves as a user of the online store?

No. #mydentity products have been meant for professional use only.

Can I use a different brand’s developer?

Never, both #mydentity Permanent and Demi-Permanent color were specifically formulated to work with #mydentity Developer (Demi-Permanent 6V and Permanent 10V-40V). I cannot guarantee consistent results, or the fabulous Lavender Fragrance if another brand’s developer is used.

Can I use the 10V Permanent Developer with Demi-Permanent color?

No, you need to use the 6V Demi-Permanent Developer with the Demi-Permanent colors.

How do I use Dark Shadows?

Dark Shadows is used to smoke out any shade or to create a shadow rootagé. Enhance any Permanent shade by adding into Permanent formulation, no extra Developer needed and process according to Permanent formulation. Example- 28g 8DL + 28g 20V + Desired amount of Dark Shadows. Or for direct application mix with 6-20V and process for 20 minutes.

Can you tone with Permanent color shades?

Yes, you can tone with the #mydentity Permanent shades using the 10V #mydentity Developer.

Does #mydentity haircolor contain ammonia?

The ammonia level of each permanent shade is different, but the average is 2%. Demi-permanent shades do not contain ammonia.

Does #mydentity haircolor products contain PPD/PPT?

Ingredients vary by product. If the shade contains PPD, it will be listed on the package.

What lightener do you recommend for balayage?

#Hairbesties, both of our lighteners – #Big9 or #Magnum8 – can be used for balayage techniques. You pick which one you prefer!

Where are #mydentity products manufactured?

All #mydentity color creams, developers, and lighteners are formulated and manufactured in the U.S.A.

Will the Direct Dyes stain my skin, clothing, etc.?

Yes, I recommend using gloves and a protective barrier creme around your client’s hairline.

How long does #mydentity color last?

Like all color lines, there are a variety of factors that play into color longevity including what type of color you used, the specific application and process, the client’s hair type (porosity, level, care, etc.).

For most people, tones last:
up to 50 shampoos for #mydentity Permanent haircolor;
up to 50 shampoos for #mydentity Demi-Permanent haircolor;
up to 25 shampoos for #mydentity Direct Dye

How does the color fade?

With #mydentity, color fades true to tone.

What is the best advice to maintain color longevity?

#Hairbesties, remember density, texture and porosity will always affect lifting capabilities, your final color result as well as color longevity. Be sure to assess your client’s hair thoroughly prior to application. If you notice the hair is very porous – I recommend evening out the porosity with a quick conditioning before applying your color formulation. It is also important to apply to dry hair, weigh your color formulation to achieve the most accurate mixing ration and process for the full amount of time. Using a sulfate free shampoo will also help with color longevity

Can I use Olaplex® with #mydentity?

Of course, Olaplex® can be mixed with all #mydentity color.

Are #mydentity products tested on animals?


Do I need to use developer to activate the Direct Dyes?

No Developer is needed.

Do I need to use developer to activate the Dual Boosters?

No Developer is needed. However, Dual Boosters can be mixed with Permanent or Demi-Permanent Developer (6-40V) to reach your desired consistency.

Can #mydentity Dual Boosters be added into any of the color cremes?

Yes, they were formulated with the ability to be mixed with any of the color cremes to create custom tones.

Can #mydentity colors be intermixed?

Of course – as long as you are mixing permanent shades with permanent shades and demi-permanent shades with demi-permanent shades.